All are from the front steps – facing straight ahead (south), toward West Block, and toward East Block.

Regular meetings of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development’s Subcommittee on International Human Rights brought me to Centre Block, as did two luncheons Elizabeth hosted in the dining room, the press conference for the bill on establishing a Canadian Department of Peace … and Question Period.

The nuclear disarmament forum described below took place in East Block, where Sir John A.’s office is still maintained. His desk, as seen these days, is laden!

The little bus in the Centre Block photo is one of a fleet, circulating constantly around the federal government buildings on and near The Hill. The wait for one is never long. The buses are mostly green – nice to learn that green is the traditional colour for the House of Commons. Everyone’s so companionable, the short rides are a pleasure, but I almost always walked. My quick jaunts in the brisk air were invigorating.

looking south from Centre Block, showing green bus & city view

Behind the green bus is the path up to Centre Block from Wellington Street.

Just beyond West Block, across Bank Street, is the Confederation Building, where Elizabeth's office is located.

Some of the elaborate figures on the Centre Block building are visible on both this photo and the one above.