Hello, everyone – Next week is Wind Turbine Week for me. I am due to spend the full week of November 22-28 just west of Long Point, staying 24/7 in the home of someone who lives near a large wind farm.

Both wind power, and local input into decisions with local impact, are very important to me.

I am one of the original members of WindShare, the co-op that installed the wind turbine at the C.N.E.

My enthusiasm for wind energy is tempered by my concern that people’s objections to turbine installations must be respectfully addressed.

A small group of people who live in the area west of Long Point firmly believe the turbines there are damaging their health. They have requested that someone from outside the community spend a minimum of a week there, full-time. I’ve volunteered.

Whether or not I find that the turbines affect me in any way while I am there, I am hoping to explore how the problem of local objections to them can be addressed. Residents in various areas of Ontario are objecting to wind farm installations. I fear we can’t maximize benefits from this technology without community co-operation.

Here and now, I send many thanks to the people who have invited me. I will be blogging on this page about my experiences. Best from Ellen