Today’s revelation: this morning, we drove around in my hostess’ Smart Car, getting even closer to one group of turbines. Because they’re so sleek, it’s hard to grasp their enormous size. Among the half a dozen or so turbines we could easily see at one point, one was right next to the road; we got out so I could photograph her standing next to it, to show scale. That involved a bit of walking around for me, to get far enough away to get the turbine from top to bottom, and to try for a nice angle. As soon as I was out of the car, I noticed a grating sound – a turbine rotating? Something in need of oil? That was irregular, and extremely unpleasant, in my view. Then, I recognized the rhythmic whooshing, not particularly loud to me, but inexorable. Astounding to me – walking back and forth the few hundred metres to get my photos, I found in some spots I could almost not hear any turbine sound at all, when, only a few steps later, it was very evident. If on one occasion, one person’s perceptions vary so very much, what a challenge it is to obtain information that respects individuals so as to meet the needs and wishes of all.