“At my first PWAC Christmas party, more than 30 years ago, I was greeted warmly and pulled into conversations with long-time members. By way of welcome, a veteran member remarked, ‘Freelancing gives you such a sense of security.’   Her height, sleek black hair, intense red lipstick, sparkling smile, wowed me. The fashion spreads she was responsible for were renowned. I had published barely enough to apply for membership. My one ongoing job was producing a column for every issue of a national magazine. Each column earned me $40; the mag came out six times a year.  ‘Security?'”

The above is from the blogpost I wrote for Professional Writers Association of Canada Toronto Chapter’s website editor, Kara Kuryllowicz. In it, you can read a lot more about how freelance writers find security and satisfaction. Here’s the link. Fredericton AGM & Conference: Riverside Reflections

Fredericton is blessed with a beautiful river. The foresight to create gracious parks along its banks was the city’s. On a stroll one morning, a city staff member shared her thoughts about Fredericton’s cozy feeling — and residents’ pride in winter’s shoulder-height snow. Freelancing today is no stroll along a river. Today’s freelancers can sometimes feel frozen out of decent opportunities. More than four decades ago, PWAC’s founding writers started us on our path. Today, our collective experience is helping long-time and new members on our way forward together.

St. John River, Fredericton, N.B.: photo-Bill Michelson

St. John River, Fredericton, N.B. (photo: Bill Michelson)