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All publications listed are by members of the club’s literature section. The Toronto Heliconian Club, more than a century old, gathers women in the arts. Info on upcoming events is often posted outside the club, 35 Hazelton Avenue, in Toronto’s Yorkville.
works listed:
Bacchanalia: short story
My Father’s Hands: poem
Icons: article
Beyond Blood, Christmas, Cook’s Temptation, Disability Matters, Envoys, Fireflies, Hivernante, Laundry Lines, Picnic, Sounding, Stone Woman: books available for purchase online, some also in public libraries
Point of Order: book published by Toronto’s Ruskin Literary and Debating Society
Electoral System: Science for Peace lecture, link below (scroll down)
Geography, Tom Thomson’s Fine Kettle: forthcoming books


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posts & info from December 2013 & before:

John Deverell – Democratic Reform Update

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John Deverell, the Green Party of Canada’s candidate in the November 25, 2013 Toronto Centre by-election, continues to respond to Canada’s crying need for democratic reform.

He has just drafted 4 resolutions on democratic voting for the upcoming Green Party of Canada convention. The Green Party’s grassroots-based policy process means all party members are encouraged to weigh in on resolution development.

John is an ideal spokesperson for democratic reform and its details. He has long served as a director of Fair Vote Canada. And he co-authored, with Greg Vezina, the book, Democracy, Eh? A Guide to Voter Action.

Interest in electoral reform is building. John’s strong voice can help make it happen.

The Green Party’s deadline for resolutions is April 30.
The party’s convention is in July, in Fredericton, N.B. – all party members are welcome.

Click for
John’s YouTube channel .

John Deverell, Green Party candidate, Toronto Centre

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John Deverell

John Deverell

Facebook: Deverell for Toronto Centre – community & public group pages
Twitter: @Dev4TOCentre
YouTube: Toronto Centre Greens
campaign office: 555 Parliament Street (north of Winchester)
campaign manager: Sharon Danley

Green Party of Canada media release:
John Deverell will be the Green Party’s Candidate for Toronto Centre By-Election
OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada’s Electoral District Association for Toronto Centre has announced that well-known former journalist John Deverell will be the Green candidate in the coming federal by-election.

“This by-election is a wonderful chance for Toronto voters, with the whole country watching, to tell all the parties in Ottawa that the political system is broken and we want it fixed – now. In a by-election Toronto can feel free to vote Green and put Parliament on notice: The People Want In,” said Green candidate John Deverell.

“Among those who still bother to vote, half are unable to elect a representative to Parliament. Half of us are required to pay taxes without having a democratic voice, and this is unacceptable,” said Deverell.

“I am thrilled that John Deverell has chosen to join us and work with the Green Party to rid this country of the perverse system of voting called First Past the Post (FPTP). Only FPTP would allow a minority of voters to create a majority government. We need to make sure every vote counts,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

John Deverell is a former president of the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild and Founding Treasurer of Fair Vote Canada, the national multi-partisan campaign for equal effective votes and proportional representation.

Deverell joined the Liberal Party of Canada in 2011 hoping that it would be ready to rethink its traditional defense of FPTP voting systems. During the Liberal leadership campaign he worked for Vancouver MP Joyce Murray, among the candidates the only advocate of proportional representation.

John Deverell recently resigned from the Liberal Party to join the Green Party of Canada. “Under the leadership of Elizabeth May, the Green Party offers Canadian voters the most trustworthy instrument for democratic reform and new economic policy directions,” said Deverell.

Seeking Candidate for Toronto Centre By-Election

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Here’s the Green Party of Canada’s notice about our candidate search. This time I will not be seeking nomination, am very much looking forward to being active in our upcoming campaign.

Hello Toronto Centre GPC member:
We urgently need your help. The by-election to replace our current M.P., who has resigned, must be held by mid-February, and could now be called at any time. As result, on August 21, the Green Party of Canada’s Campaign Committee declared Electoral Urgency for Toronto Centre.
The Green Party in Toronto Centre is getting ready. That means staying connected with our network of supporters, and planning our election campaign. Green results in all of our most recent federal elections have been impressive, and we have great potential to do even better this time. Discussions in anticipation of this campaign already began at our AGM in June, and yielded volunteer commitments from attendees, both longstanding members and new.
Our candidates come via our members, so we need you to identify a candidate for your riding. Here’s how you can help now:
• consider being a candidate yourself
• think about people you already know in the riding who would make great Green MPs
• think about green people who are active in the riding – maybe you’ve seen their names in a community newspaper, or they’re visible through involvement in business, volunteer work, schools, churches, non-profit groups, women’s organizations. Retirees make great candidates – they have time, networks and life experience.
• forward the names of potential candidates, and their phone numbers if you have them.

Please see below for contact information. We can do the asking! This is what makes a good candidate:
• active in the community
• green-thinking and understands the issues
• wants to make a difference
• articulate and personable
• prepared to put in several months of campaigning, including evenings and weekends
• ideally lives in the riding

Nominations will close at midnight on Wednesday, August 28. Then, Green Party members in Toronto Centre will hear from me as to the resulting next steps. This promises to be an exciting and rewarding time for the Toronto Centre Greens!

Membership: You must be a member of the Green Party of Canada and a resident of Toronto Centre to vote in a nomination meeting for the riding. If your membership has lapsed or will expire soon, please consider renewing it online at, or phone at 1-866-868-3447.

Please contact me for more information, or to send names of potential candidates. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kindest Regards,
Rebecca Harrison, Senior Organizer, Green Party of Canada
905-999-5479 (local call from Toronto)

Video – Fixing Canada’s Electoral System: Four Fallacies

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Thoughtful audience, worthwhile discussion for the talk described in the post below this one; here’s the video.

Fixing Canada’s Electoral System: Four Fallacies

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Metta Spencer, President, Science for Peace and Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, organizes a free lecture series every year, called Vital Discussions of Human Security. This year, I’m one of the speakers. Here are the details.

Topic – Fixing Canada’s Electoral System: Four Fallacies
Date & Time – Thursday, September 20, 7-9pm
Location – University College, University of Toronto, 15 King’s College Circle, Room 052 (east end of building, basement)

Topics I’ll explore include:

    – how our current majority government gained power,
    – options and implications for electoral reform,
    – political parties, and
    – grass-roots efforts.

Two hours means plenty of time for discussion – please join us.

For details on the full lecture series, which runs from September 13 through April 4, 2013, please click here.

The series is co-sponsored by University College Health Studies Programme, Canadian Pugwash Group, Voice of Women for Peace, and Science for Peace. The lectures are all free of charge, and promise much food for thought.

Democracy Day, Sat. Sep. 15, 2012

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PR 101
Invitation from Fair Vote Canada, Toronto:
“PR 101: A Crash Course in Proportional Representation

As part of Democracy Day, we invite you to attend PR101.

We’ll explore the flaws of our current voting system, and introduce you to various forms of Proportional Representation. PR is the most common electoral system in the world, because it guarantees that all votes count, and that all voices are heard. We’ll look at models including Regional List, Mixed Member Proportional, and the Single Transferable Vote. We’ll also give you insight on how politicians adapt to a PR system. If you want to become an advocate for democratic renewal, this is the place to start.

Special guests: Wayne Smith, Executive Director of FairVote Canada and Ellen Michelson, Green Party Toronto Centre.”

7pm, 215 Spadina Avenue (Centre for Social Innovation)
All Welcome – Free of Charge

Toronto Ukrainian Festival

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The Green Party will be in the parade, starting at 11am, from High Park, and among the speakers, I’ll be bringing greetings on behalf of Elizabeth.
Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival 2012

Cabbagetown Festival

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On Sunday, September 9, we’ll be at our Green Party table, looking forward to chatting with you – please stop by.
Cabbagetown Festival

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